Wednesday, June 13

Every Door Direct Mail

A great new service offered by the United States Postal Service is called Every Door Direct Mail. This service is a great and cost effective way to use direct mail to market your business. Here's the short explanation of how Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM works: Each zip code has a specific postal routes. With EDDM you pick which routes you would like your mail delivered to, and the post office delivers it to every door without exception. And, you can send up to 5,000 pieces a day without purchasing a postal permit. Saving you money!

This service is ideal for small and local businesses who know what neighborhoods to advertise in and probably do not have a large budget for direct marketing campaigns. It is more difficult to target specific customers with this service but it is extremely cost effective. No need to purchase expensive data lists and sort through endless qualifiers. The USPS has made it simple to pick your area and send a mailer. All you need to do is call a print shop, make a mailer, and send it! Here are some ideas for making a mailer.

If your interested in direct mailings, but need help with design, no problem. Synergy can help with that, get a free quote online or call us at 877-466-0635.