Thursday, September 20

Use a Scientific Approach in Your Marketing

While there is no magic formula to advertising your business, if you want to be successful you must at least follow the science behind it. Consumer behavior is based on 4 components; communication (what you say and how you say it), identity (who the consumer is - you are what you buy), social status (among peers and potential mates), and overall well-being (why will this product make my life better). 
The effectiveness of most marketing campaigns roughly breaks down as follows. It's 20% about what your offering, 20% about how you say it, and 60% about who your saying it to. Of course you want an enticing offer, but not everyone thinks the same things are enticing, so before you design a promotion figure out who your trying to design it for. 

Make sure your data is accurate and up to date, take the time to clean your lists and confirm its quality. Finally, Make sure what your saying is well written for whoever your marketing too. An advertisement targeted at college kids should sound very different than one targeted at AARP members.

When you take a scientific approach to your advertising, you will undoubtedly see the results.

By: Will Pearlman